Let’s visit a medieval castle!

We left school at 10:45 with our teachers Mr. McPhee and Mr. Weiglin. At 11:00, we arrived at the Eisenacher Straße station and took the U7 in the direction of Spandau. At 11:30, after 18 stops we got off at Zitadelle Spandau station and walked for 10 minutes until we finally arrived. The first thing we did was pass the Kommandantenhaus to go inside the castle. There we split up into groups of two.

I went first to the Julius Tower, which was also my favorite sight in the Citadel, as it was for most of the others. Then we went to the armory. There are kept weapons, tools, uniforms and other objects from the Middle Ages. Later, we went to the Exezierhalle, which was next to the armory and where countless medieval cannons and their ammunition were displayed.

Next we went to the Archaeological Window and then to the Italian Courts. Finally, we visited the Bat Cellar, where we could see real bats. At 13:10 we left again and arrived at 13:20 at the subway station Zitadelle Spandau. There we waited 5 minutes for the U7 direction Rudow. Then we took the subway until 13:50 and got off at Eisenacher Straße. Then we walked for 10 minutes and arrived at the school at 14:00.