The corona virus


I am sure, that you have already heard about the corona virus, which has spread very quickly around the world in the last few months. On Friday 13th, it was decided, that German schools were going to close for at least five weeks. I am sure you are wondering what all the students are going to do at home, so here are some thoughts from a German student to the world.


All students were shocked to hear the news, some were happy about missing out on school, some were sad about not seeing their friends for a long time. They did not understand what was going to happen when they were going to stay at home for the next five weeks, which is almost as long as the German summer holidays. The only differences were, that it was not going to be nice and warm at all, they were not supposed to go outside, all the shops had closed and they were not allowed to travel in any way.


In the first few days, everyone was enjoying their time out, but soon the teachers were starting to hand out a lot of homework and the students were overwhelmed. After finishing their homework the students had no idea what they were supposed to do, some watched Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube or television. The TV channels were trying very hard not to disappoint anyone and came up with great ideas for movies and shows that the watches might like.


After doing nothing for a long time, they got very bored and texted their friends asking if they had any ideas what to do with all this free time. Their friends also did not know what to do, so they just kept texting each other or face timed with a group of friends. After trying to come up with ideas about things they could do, they still did not know what to do and they just laid on their bed and listened to music or watched a movie.


You see, it is not easy to just do nothing, especially when you are not supposed to go outside, see your friends or go to the shops. The students are trying their best not to complain about what’s going on because that would be very rude and inappropriate. We all hope that it will be over soon and our lives can get to normal again.


Hanna, grade 8a