Class Trip to Naples and Pompeii

pompeiiOn Wednesday the 25th of September, class 10d went on an outing to Naples and Pompeii during their school trip. At 7:30 in the morning we left from Casal Velino to Naples. We were with another class that came from Berlin, and together we went to Naples by bus. On the way, we were told a lot about the city of Naples and the sunken city of Pompeii. Nearly three hours later, we arrived in Naples. There we got a tour of the city. In Naples, we looked at the historic cathedral and looked at the fish market and the black market. After we had looked at all this, our class teacher bought us a slice of pizza. Then we went back to the bus and drove to Pompeii. In Pompeii we looked at the sunken city. There was a lot of antiquity to see. After we walked through Pompeii and looked at everything, we walked back to the bus. We drove back to our hotel in Casal Velino. When we arrived, we were all hungry and ate a big dinner. Then it was about 10 o’clock at night and we went down to the beach for our evening get-together. At 11 o’clock everyone was in their rooms and it was time to sleep. So the day came to an end.

Vincent Bauer (10d)