Paul Tran’s visit at our school

America the city of infinite possibilities ?!

Paul Tran works at the diplomatic service of the US Embassy in Berlin. In class we read the book “the perks of being a wallflower” which deals with
the high school life in America.
Therefore Mr. McPhee invited Paul Tran to our double lesson on Friday May 3rd for a roundtable talk about growing up in the United States.
We prepared a lot of questions about alcohol and drug consumption, racismand homophobia.
Mr. Tran answered all our questions and also told us some stories from his life as a teenager.
We asked Mr. Tran if he had problems with the police because of his Vietnamese background and he told us a story about his uncle. The police pushed him against a police car just because he parked his car wrong.
Well that shocked all of us !

After that we asked Mr. Tran about the differences between the US and Germany. He said that the people in Amerika do look happier because they smile a lot more then the people here in Germany.
We think it was a great idea to invite him to our class because it was very interesting to talk with someone who actually lived in LA instead of just reading articles about the issues in high school.

All in all now we all know how high school life in the US really is.
Namely not always as it is presented in the movies !

by Chiara and Philip