Leistungskurs Englisch beim Internationalen Literaturfestival Berlin

Exkursion des Leistungskurs Englisch 12 zum Internationalen Literaturfestival Berlin

Lesung aus Gun Love von Jennifer Clement

On Tuesday’s field trip to the Haus der Berliner Festspiele, our class attended a book reading. Jennifer Clement read from her new novel „Gun Love“, the fictional tale of a mother and her daughter, who live out of their car. She later took questions from the audience. Clement made the novel seem quite appealing. The host of the reading, however, made the entire event agonising. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my first book reading and intend to buy the book.



… Clement read two chapters from her book and in between she answered a few questions and talked about feminism, gun violence, gun trafficking, and many more. I liked the fact that we had the opportunity to ask questions so we felt like we were somehow involved in a conversation with the author. All in all I think it was a great experience and I would love to do it again.



… At some point they talked about gun violence in the USA and the trafficking of weapons to Mexico as well as how she came up with the story about a runaway single mom living in a car. I thought this part was pretty good but a bit rushed. When people asked questions, the host was a bit rude and always said that we did not have that much time left.

Overall I thought it was a nice event and the author was also pretty nice and had a good reading voice. The only bad thing was the host.



… Another topic was the discrimination against women in the book industry. Clement explained that there are too few women writers and that she thinks that books by women should have less pictures of girls on their covers.

In conclusion, the event was really informative and I personally gained some interest in the book.



… In the auditorium it was very quiet while she was reading, which means that Clement was given the respect she deserved. All in all I can say that it was interesting. (I’ve never been to such a book event before.) I could learn about a different type of book and understand what an author wants to say.



… I also admire the two versions of her book cover. Both show alligators, which stand for “fat and furious”. They are also quick and can be compared with a gun. This might be the reason why Clement has picked alligators.



… Not only was the author herself interesting, but the audience too. It was really diverse, ranging from a Hentai artist to a beautiful blonde girl that looked like a Polish model I know.

The fascinating thing about this presentation was that the author did not just speak about her book and the creative ideas she put into it and which really astonished me. She also talked about serious social issues like gun violence and the discrimination against women in the publishing industry, which I did not know much about.



… I think it was very interesting and I even ordered the book. The host was a bit strange. I didn’t like his attitude. But Jennifer Clement is such a good author.